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Tex At Site stocks a huge range of products for the electrical, gas, water, mining, and manufacturing industries.
Tex At Site is setting the standard for the testing, inspection, and calibration industry.
Tex At Site offers a wide range of NATA accredited services from our Nunawading facility in Victoria.

High-precision instrument calibration and equipment testing, certified to Australian standards

Calibration is essential for maintaining the quality and reliability of measurements over time. Instruments can drift or fluctuate in accuracy due to factors including wear and tear, environmental conditions, or aging components. Regular calibration helps to detect and correct these changes, ensuring that instruments continue to provide accurate and reliable results.

Tex At Site provides a wide range of accredited, on site calibration services

Tex At Site brings you the best products with the best service possible

With a fully equipped road fleet and a dedicated repair and calibration laboratory, Tex At Site is the Asia Pacific leader in mobile testing and calibration. Our NATA accreditation covers calibration for electrical, pressure, and torque instrumentation, so you can rest assured that your equipment is in the best hands possible.

We are proudly Australian owned and operated and service a number of locations across the country including Victoria, New South Wales, Queensland, Northern Territory, Western Australia, and South Australia.

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