Tex At Site offers an on-site service for calibration of your dimensional measurement equipment including:

  • Internal Micrometers
  • External Micrometers
  • Dial Gauges
  • Vernier Callipers
  • Depth Gauges
  • Anvil Parallelism and Flatness
  • Setting Rods
  • Engineers Squares
  • Master Rules & Straight Edges


Regular calibration will document the accuracy of your equipment so you know your measurements are correct and help to:

  • Prevent expensive component failure due to incorrect measurements
  • Ensure safety through accurate measurement of critical parts
  • Prevent costly recalls
  • Comply with all appropriate industry standards
  • Meet ISO9000 and legislative requirements

To ensure that high-voltage equipment is safe, it must regularly undergo safety testing. Tex At Site offers a professional range of dimensional calibration services. You can enlist our services to compare the performance output of hand tools or other measuring instruments, such as pressure sensors, to compare them to a national standard to indicate whether the item complies with a specific safety standard.

Calibrating your technical measurement instruments, such as micrometers, is critical to ensure your instruments provide accurate measurements. Regular micrometer calibration ensures your tools measure accurately.

There are many benefits to ensuring your measuring instrumentation performs accurately, including the following:

  • It provides an accurate measurement of important parts
  • It prevents expensive recalls
  • You can be confident you are complying with ISO9000 and other legislative requirements

Other Kinds of Instrument Calibration Offered By Tex At Site

Another dimensional calibration service Tex At Site offers is pressure calibration, which ensures pressure testing instruments operate within the manufacturer’s specifications. We also provide various other calibration services, including electrical, temperature and sound level calibration.

Who is Tex at Site?

Tex At Site operates throughout Australia and New Zealand. We are a mobile dimensional calibration service, meaning we can bring our testing equipment to you and work at your site within your time frame.

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