Volta Battery Powered Torque Multiplier Overview

With the introduction of the VT Series, your ability to torque industrial fasteners has now become as simple as a quick charge away with the first ever battery powered torque wrench.  The VOLTA has been engineered to master any application effortlessly.  Fully charged in under 60 minutes, the VOLTA’s lithium battery provides enough power to take on hundreds of fastenings with no hoses or cords to limit your reach. Within the VOLTA is a digital motor vectoring system that provides accurate and repeatable torque throughout each model’s full range capabilities.

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  • Multi-stage planetary gear systems with optimized tooth design.
  • Smooth ball bearing rotation of the gearbox housing independant from the motor handle.
  • High-efficency bruhless motor.
  • 18V 7.0 lithium-ion battery that provides extended run-time.
  • LCD display for setting and viewing torque and units.
  • Gears run on low friction, high strength bearing sleeves
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All products come with FREE calibration & testing.

Model Square Drive Torque (Nm) Speed (RPM) Size (mm)
Min Max Length Height Diameter Weight (Kg)
VT-500 ¾" 160 670 20 225 265 65 3.5
VT-1000 1" 330 1,350 8 279 265 72.5 5.2
VT-2000 1" 680 2,710 5 291 265 78.5 5.9
VT-3000 1" 1,020 4,030 2 355 265 95.3 8.9

Photo Description
Rechargeable Battery 8.0 Ah Rechargeable Battery The Volta's 18V 8.0 Ah LiHD Battery provides cordless freedom and extended run-time.
Battery Charger Lithium Ion Volta Battery Charger The Volta's premium, air-cooled lightning fast charger will have you ready to torque in under 60 minutes.
Long E Reaction Arm Long Extended Reaction Arm This arm provides a longer reach, working with deepwell sockets.
Sliding Straight Arm Sliding Straight Arm This arm is designed for socket to socket reaction. The drive/cup design protects the adjacent nut from direct reaction and is adjustable from 4" to 12".
Straight Reaction Arm This arm is designed to accommodate a reaction point at a 90 degree angle from the drive.
Welding Blank Weld Blank This reaction arm is made of raw steel and allows the customer to fabricate their own custom arm. The weld blank is splined to fit the VT Series and includes heat treating specifications.
nose extension Nose Extension The extensions fasten directly to the nose of the tool, allowing for reach into hard to access applications. This works with the standard reaction arm.
Socket to Socket Reaction Socket to Socket Reaction Arm Allows the operator to react against the adjacent nut using a cup to protect it. It allows to adjust the socket to socket between 4” and 6” away from the square drive of the tool.

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