Detachable Head Torque Wrenches Overview

As part of the 37 Series of torque wrenches Warren and Brown have introduced detachable head versions of the 376000 and 377000 heavy duty wrenches. Utilising these wrenches allows a variety of combinations of open end and 12 point ring attachments up to 1000ft. lbs/1320Nm.

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Part No. Torque Range (ft.lbs) Graduation (English) Torque Range (Metric) Graduation (Metric) Length (cm) Packed Weight (kg)
377000DET 200-1000ft.lbs 5ft.lbs 305-1320Nm 7Nm 179 15
376000DET 100-600ft.lbs 5ft.lbs 135-779Nm 7Nm 109 6

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