HandTorque® HT3 Overview

The Norbar HandTorque Compact Series Torque Multiplier is the most comprehensive range of torque multiplier available. Specially designed to provide high torque in applications which are limited by space or operator strength, input to this HandTorque Multiplier is via a ratchet torque wrench set to one fth of the required output torque.

  • 5:1 torque multiplication, accuracy ±4%
  • Supplied with two reaction bar styles for maximum versatility
  • Robust construction means minimal maintenance and long life
  • Supplied in a carry case, the HT3 is ideal for inclusion in the heavy vehicle tool kit
  • 1300 Nm version has a spare 3?4” output square included in the kit
  • Multiplier head only (no reaction bars or plastic box) also available
    • 1300 Nm version, part no. 17218
    • 2700 Nm version, part no. 17219
  • Supplied with 2 reaction bar styles for maximum versatility
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All products come with FREE calibration & testing.

SKU Description
17220 HT3 1300 Nm Kit 1/2” input x 3/4” output
17221 HT3 2700 Nm Kit 3/4” input x 1” output

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